The ROI On Your Sales Initiatives

SellerNAV™ enables managers to calculate the return on investment in sales systems, sales training, or other sales initiatives.


Decisions to implement new technology in respect of sales, to embark on new sales skills programmes, or other sales initiatives are rarely backed up by a ROI or payback justification.  That includes initiatives in any of the following areas:
– Sales enablement
– Sales performance
– Sales productivity
– Sales effectiveness

SellerNAV™ helps managers to overcome this challenge by calculating the ROI or payback that will result.

Why Invest If The Payback Is Not Clear?

By demonstrating the payback of investments in sales initiatives or sales technologies SellerNAV™ helps managers to:

1.     Make Better Decisions 

Sales managers should be able to say ‘we plan to invest X in order to deliver an additional y% of sales within a particular time frame’.  Without this simply economic logic, justifying the decision is difficult and poor decisions will result.

2. Ensure Sales Team Gets The Resources Needed

In a time when money is tight, the lack of a clear justification for the decision can result in ‘no decision’.  It can prevent sales teams getting the resources that they need.

3. Ensure Buy-in and Up-take

As a salesperson if you want me to use a new sales system then don’t just tell me that I have to do it.  Show me how it will help me in terms of increased sales and commissions.  That is the key to ensuring buy-in, adoption and support.

4. Ensure Results Can Be Tracked  

Managers should be able to say ‘the results we have achieved are Z, that is 5% ahead of what was planned, or that is 10% below what was expected and here is how we are going to address the gap.’  Tracking results against targets is key.