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Want To De-Risk Your Target?

There is no insurance for sales.  No pay-out to compensate for missing target and no protection against an under-performing territory, or sales person.  That is why risk managing sales is vital.

SellerNAV® pinpoints where a sales target is at risk.  It highlights sales people, behaviors or processes that could jeopardize target attainment and limit sales performance.
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Want To Stress Test Your Sales Process?

Your sales process should make your sales higher and your life easier. But that is not always the case. Even what starts off as a good sales process can begin to struggle over time. If your sales process is under-performing SellerNAV® can help.

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Want To Affect Change In Sales?

Your sales organization faces pressure to change, but transforming ideas and strategies into action can prove difficult. SellerNAV® helps sales organizations to embrace change.

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Want To Extend The Life Of Your Sales Methodology?

After a number of decades in use any sales methodology is likely to be coming under pressure to adapt and to deliver results.

Yet a major overhaul or replacement project in respect of your sales methodology is out of the question.  It is simply too costly and slow.  Now SellerNAV® presents an alternative.
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Interested In Performance Management?

Could it be that sales is twice as concerned with performance management as any other area of business?  Well, if the number of web pages devoted to a topic are a measure of interest then Sales Performance Management is far ahead of Enterprise Performance Management.  But what does it all mean to you?

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Are You Planning A New Sales Initiative?

Sales managers are being handicapped in their decision to invest in sales systems, sales training, or other sales initiatives by the lack of information regarding the ROI or payback that will result.  SellerNAV® helps managers to overcome this challenge.

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