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Are You Happy With Your Sales Process?

How satisfied are you with your sales process?  Well, extensive data from sales professionals across 32 countries shows that most salespeople are ‘just about satisfied’ and highlights significant scope for sales performance improvement.

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Why Apple or Delta Airlines Wouldn’t Be Happy With Seller Satisfaction Ratings

Is 65% a good score for sales process or should it be higher?  Well let’s put it this way GM, Apple or Delta Airlines wouldn’t be happy with it – nor would their customers.

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Want To Extend The Life Of Your Sales Methodology?

After a number of decades in use any sales methodology is likely to be coming under pressure to adapt and to deliver results.

Yet a major overhaul or replacement project in respect of your sales methodology is out of the question.  It is simply too costly and slow.  Now SellerNAV® presents an alternative.
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Making The Most Of Sales Technology?

Most sales technologies promise a lot, but fail to deliver. Indeed research by CSO Insights suggests that the chances of the money you spend on sales tools,  or systems boosting sales is less than 20%. To improve those miserable odds you are going to need SellerNAV®.

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