Risk Manage Sales

[bold_text] Risk Manage Sales [/bold_text]

SellerNAV® pinpoints where your sales target is at risk.  It helps to manage and minimize that risk.

There is no insurance for sales.  No pay-out to compensate for missing target and no protection against an under-performing territory, or sales person.  That is why risk managing sales is vital.

SellerNAV® pinpoints where the sales target is at risk.  It highlights sales people, behaviors or processes that could jeopardize target attainment and limit sales performance.

After producing an inventory of the risks, SellerNAV® quantifies risks in terms of their potential impact on sales. Managers can see the impact of taking action today to prevent problems at year end.

SellerNAV® is used by managers to assess risks at the level of the overall sales organization, or for a sales team and/or an individual.  It will also risk profile a deal, pin-pointing risks associated with deal or pipeline forecasts.

SellerNAV® heightens awareness of risks and brings the debate about what could cause target slippage out into the open.  But it goes one step further, suggesting actions that can be taken to manage or minimize risks.