Optimize Sales Process

[bold_text] Optimize Sales Process [/bold_text]
SellerNAVTM helps managers to map the route to improved sales performance.

SellerNAVTM streamlines the consultation and information gathering required for sales performance improvement to a matter of days.  It makes translating sales analysis into sales results much easier.

Sales Process Optimization – The Steps

SellerNAVTM helps managers to optimize sales process performance in 5 steps:

1. Gather information on what is happening in the field

2. Consult with all stakeholders

3. Create a shared view of the sales process – a sales map

4. Pin-point areas where sales improvement is required

5. Calculate the impact of behaviour and process change on sales/revenue performance.

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1. Gather information on what is happening in the field

An accurate view of sales performance as it is today and as it needs to be tomorrow rests on the sales data and analysis that underpins it.

SellerNAVTM gathers the required information, validates its objectivity and presents key sales performance findings. The process is completed in days, not weeks, or months.

SellerNAVTM gathers an organisation wide view of key sales performance metrics, including activity levels and conversion rates, with a view to creating a set of KPI’s for a team, group or individual.

2. Consult with all stakeholders

Sales leaders know that the views of the corner office suite must be tempered with those who are interacting on a daily basis with customers. However the consultation process requires time spent in meetings and briefings, with the danger being that the process stalls, or slows.

SellerNAVTM manages the collaboration process, enabling the entire sales team to contribute their views and ideas, but in a controlled manner. All those either directly or indirectly involved in sales or business development complete an online tool to input their views to shape the information gathering and benchmarking process.

3. Create a shared view of the sales process – a sales map

There is no point preparing a manual on how your organisation sells, or how it should sell. It won’t be read. You need something that is easy to communicate and accessible to all (regardless of background, language, etc.).

SellerNAVTM  builds an interactive map-based view of the sales performance agenda based on 1 and 2 above. The sales maps can be tailored by managers to reflect the unique sales approach of their business and requirements of its industry

Manager can instantly generate and interact with different map views, exploring the performance of any team, or an individual:

– There is a map for each level of the organisation, thereby reflecting differences between markets, regions, or teams.

– Maps can be built for any group of salespeople, as well as for each individual salesperson, to show the particular requirements or challenges faced.

The maps can be used to:

– Optimize the sales process

– Set sales priorities

– Identify new skills requirements

– Plan sales strategy

– Manage key deals

– Coach individual salespeople

– Build a business case for a sales system implementation/upgrade.

4. Pin-point areas where improvement is required:

The maps pin-point key sales bottlenecks and gaps, including:

– Where internal processes are not being followed

– Where industry best practice is not being adhered to

– Where individual salespeople are struggling

– Where sales strategies / techniques are under-performing

– Key skills, behaviour and systems weaknesses

SellerNAVTM tests your sales process for its veracity and strength in key areas such as pre-qualification, forecasting and closing.

A major overhaul of your sales process is unlikely to be the best strategy. That is because sales transformation projects take several quarters to implement and be frustratingly slow in deliverying results. We help managers ensure focus on those changes to their sales process that will deliver results quickly.

5. Calculate the impact on sales of changes

SellerNAVTM  enables managers to calculate the impact on sales by tackling key sales priorities (set out in 4 above).

The application uses a sophisticated algorithm to forecast the sales impact of changes in how individual salespeople, or sales teams sell. This information provides the impetus for change.