How It Works

The Steps To Follow

Here are the 8 steps to get the most from SellerNAV™:


1. Complete The Analysis
Complete the online analysis to map against best practice.

Complete The Analysis[/one_half]

2. Familiarize Yourself With The Layout
Get familiar with the layout and menus.

Familiarize Yourself With The Layout[/one_half_last]


3. Check Your Sales Speed
Find out how to check Your Sales Speed and what it means.

Check Your Sales Speed[/one_half]

4. Navigate Your Sales Map
Find out about Your Sales Map and how to use it.

Navigate Your Sales Map[/one_half_last]


5. Set / Review Your Sales Priorities
See any sales obstacles and prioritize the ones you want to address.

Set/Review Your Sales Priorities[/one_half]

6. Calculate The Impact On Sales
Calculate the impact on sales of addressing your key priorities.

Calculate The Impact On Sales[/one_half_last]


7. Use The Latest Sales Tools
Access the specific tools & techniques you need.

Use The Latest Sales Tools[/one_half]

8. Want To Find Out More?
Click here for a list of the most frequently asked questions.


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