Grow Your Sales

[bold_text]Grow Your Sales[/bold_text]

Set a target for increased sales then coach your sales people and their deals in line with your optimized sales process.

SellerNAV® provides you with the map to drive sales results.  It helps sales managers and their organizations to grow sales in 3 steps:

1. Optimize Your Sales Process

SellerNAV® helps managers and their teams to asses the reality of their sales process, identify opportunities for improvement and calculate the impact possible changes will have on sales results.  Click for more.

2. Coach Your Sales People

SellerNAV® helps managers to:
– Coach salespeople towards the realization of their full sales potential (in line with an optimized sales process).
– Build the coaching framework
– Schedule and track coaching activities in respect of each team member.
It is the essential tool for maximizing sales person motivation, performance and skill.  Click here for more.

3. Close Your Key Deals
SellerNAV® focuses attention on how your organisation closes key deals.  It navigates sellers through a 360 degree review of key deals and provides access to the latest trends in buying that impact the strategies used to advance each deal in the process.  Click here for more.