Sales Stages and Steps Explained

Sales Stage:

There are 5 key sales stages that track the progress of the sale from the lead to the initial order, and thereafter to the repeat sale. Here are the stages:

  1. Lead(s) – the generation of leads, or enquiries
  2. Meeting(s) – the initial meeting with a potential customer
  3. Opportunity – the identification and management of an opportunity
  4. Order – getting the purchase order (incl. the proposal, negotiation and closing)
  5. Repeat –  securing repeat business as well as referrals from existing and past customers

The stages reflect the chronology of the typical sale, as shown in the short video below:

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The Stages Of The Sale are the equivalent of States, or Regions on a map. All 5 stages are shown in order to highlight the inter-connected-ness of the different aspects of sales.  For example, pre-qualification of sales opportunities is something that has major implications for the nature of lead generation and what takes place at the initial prospect meeting.


Sales Steps:

Sales steps are way-points on the sales map, with an average of 3 steps for each stage of the sale. 
For example, the steps involved in the Sales Leads stage are; Organise, Generate and Convert. 
Sales Steps are the equivalent of major Cities on a map.

Key Sales Success Factors:

Click on any step in the sales map to see the associated key success factors. Key success factors at each sales step