Familiarize Yourself With SellerNAV

Getting Familiar With The Layout

Getting Familiar With The Layout

The 4 key areas of the SellerNAV™ screen are shown in the diagram below.

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Key Areas


For information on any of the above click on the diagram, or scroll down.

Main Menu

Home: Return to the opening screen. Click to find out more.
Priorities: Calculate the sales impact of changes to your sales process. Click to find out more.
Map Overview: See a ‘helicopter view’ of Your Sales Map. Click to find out more.
Map Detail: Navigate Your Sales Map step by step. Click to find out more.
Help: View context sensitive on-screen help.



There are Left and Right arrow signposts at the bottom of each screen, as follows:

Map Navigation

This is a convenient way of navigating between the different stages and steps of the sale.

Functions Navigation

If you are not in map view, the signposts navigate between the key functions (as above).


Home Page

Jump to the opening screen at any time by clicking on the Home icon located at the bottom centre of the SellerNAV™ screen.
If you are navigating the sales maps, then the Map Overview icon will replace the Home icon. This will enable you to instantly get a helicopter view of your sales map.



Click on the Logout text to sign-out of SellerNAV™ and click the X icon to close the application window.
Click on your Username to reset your password.


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