Coach Sales People

[bold_text] Coach Sales People [/bold_text]
SellerNAVTM coaches sales teams along the road to new levels of sales performance.

SellerNAVTM  leverages your optimized sales process to coach the sales team to new levels of performance.  It enables the setting of individual and team sales priorities and goals and tracks progress towards their achievement.


Transforming Goals Into Reality

Too many sales performance initiatives fail at the point of implementation.  Ensuring the strategies set by managers get reflected in the everyday behaviours of salespeople can be a challenge.

Sales performance improvement cannot be left to chance.  It requires continued focus, behavioural change and disciplined effort.  It requires that sales teams enter into new commitments and follow-them through.  Most important of all it requires that sales managers become coaches too.  That is why SellerNAVTM incorporates a coaching toolkit called CoachNAVTM.


Coaching For Performance 

Effective coaching is key to reaching sales performance goals.  SellerNAVTM coaching module helps sales managers and directors at all levels to deliver performance improvement gains through a structured process of coaching, accompanied by increased visibility and control.  It works in 5 ways:

1. Builds a coaching framework

2. Facilitates  360o degree feedback on the sales process

3. Guides managers as coaches

4. Helps build individual performance plans

5. Facilitates awareness building, collaboration and learning.

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1. Build A Coaching Framework

Sales managers use SellerNAVTM to build a coaching framework to guide managers and their teams to new levels of performance.  An easy to use drag and drop interface allows managers to schedule coaching opportunities for individuals and teams in order to maximize their potential and to achieve specific sales goals.



The development of a coaching framework is essential to the creation of not just a more supportive sales environment, but also a culture of increased accountability.  It puts sales performance on the agenda and keeps it there.


2. Guide Managers As Coaches

SellerNAVTM prompts managers to conduct monthly, or quarterly coaching sessions, as well as other planned activities, such as ‘ride-alongs’, workshops and training interventions to support the salesperson. It:

– Guides and documents monthly, quarterly and annual reviews with each member of the sales team and tracks progress between reviews.

– Provides reminders and prompts in respect of actions or priorities set and visibility of the completion of agreed actions/courses of action.


3. Facilitate 360o Feedback

SellerNAVTM facilitates 360o degree feedback between manager and individual team member as regards opportunities, or challenges facing the salesperson. It provides the salesperson with:

– a means of self-assessment / self-analysis

– comparison with internal, as well as external best practice

– a framework for identifying system, process and other dependencies.

It provides salespeople with a means of collaboarting with their manager (agreeing priorities and support requirements), as well as for sales managers to manage and develop their salespeople.

4. Build Individual Performance Roadmaps

SellerNAVTM helps managers and their reports to agree quarterly individual sales performance roadmaps with agreed goals and the impact on sales quantified.  The goals:

– Can relate to sales behaviours in respect of any stage of the sale, such as; lead generation, conduct of early stage sales meetings, opportunity management or closing.

– Are set based on a shared view of obstacles and opportunities facing each salesperson and a unique view of their sales strengths and weaknesses.


5. Facilitate Collaboration & Learning

SellerNAVTM enables collaboration across the team, including the pairing of salespeople who face similar challenges, or who are ideally positioned to learn from each other.  By providing a universal view of sales performance and the sales process SellerNAVTM reconciles divergent views / perspectives.   It gets everybody talking about sales in the same way – using the same language and the same map of the sale.

SellerNAVTM  facilitates structured ongoing learning.  Organisations can plug in their own learning content (or content from a methodology provider), or access new sales tips and tools  to address their specific key priorities for the next quarter and to progress key deals.  SellerNAVTM can be configured to provide each sales person with best practice eLearning guides to address their specific sales priorities for the next quarter.