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Establishing Your Team’s Exact Sales Performance Position

To pin-point your exact physical position a SatNAV uses at least 4 satellites. The results are highly accurate co-ordinates and the ability to navigate confidently to your target destination. SellerNAV® applies the same principles to enable managers to get an exact position on their team and its sales performance. It shows if your team is on course to meet their revenue targets.Continue Reading..

A New Level Of Insight On Sales Performance

SellerNAV® provides managers and their teams with a new level of insight into sales performance and potential. It reveals opportunities and challenges that would otherwise remain hidden. In fact the hidden sales potential is typically of between 7% and 12%.

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Are You Happy With Your Sales Process?

How satisfied are you with your sales process?  Well, extensive data from sales professionals across 32 countries shows that most salespeople are ‘just about satisfied’ and highlights significant scope for sales performance improvement.

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8 Great Reasons To Demand More From Your Sales Process

Most managers are not very happy about several aspects of how their organization sells.  That is a key finding from 4 years of SellerNAV® data.  What may be surprising to many is that managers are struggling to know what to do about this fact.

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The Science Of Sales Assessments

Find out if there’s hidden sales potential & pinpoint any new sales skills or techniques that you will need to exploit it.  You can do this by using the using the SellerNAV® sales assessment.

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Predictive Sales Analytics & Algorithms

Measuring sales performance can be tricky.  It involves a lot of science.  The accurate measurement of the performance or potential of a sales person, a sales team or a sales organization is made possible using a sales algorithm.

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Why You Need Predictive Sales Analytics

Want to see the future in terms of your sales number? Well, it is not about horoscopes and tea leaves. There is a much more sophisticated approach – it is called predictive sales analytics and it is a key component of SellerNAV®.

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Are You Applying Performance Psychology?

Managing change is complex. However, our understanding of human behavior is deeper than at any other time, thanks to the growing body of cognitive and behavioral research.  SellerNAV® helps you apply the latest psychology to drive performance.

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Are You Aligned With How You Customers Buy?

Keeping up with changes in how your customers buy is key to maintaining high win rates.  SellerNAV® helps sales teams to align with the changing buying patterns of their customers.

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