Category: Risks To Target

Want To De-Risk Your Target?

There is no insurance for sales.  No pay-out to compensate for missing target and no protection against an under-performing territory, or sales person.  That is why risk managing sales is vital.

SellerNAV® pinpoints where a sales target is at risk.  It highlights sales people, behaviors or processes that could jeopardize target attainment and limit sales performance.
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Want To Tackle Barriers To Sales?

SellerNAV® checks your sales process for obstacles to increased sales.  It will scientifically pinpoint areas that if improved could boost sales. That helps sales managers to push ahead with their change agenda, but it also often presents some surprises.

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How To Avoid Missing Target?

There is a big club that you don’t want to be a part of – that is the masses of salespeople that are missing target.  Here we will explain how SellerNAV® can boost your confidence in ‘making your number’.

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Why Use Sales Maps?

Salespeople and their managers are busy people with lots of demands on their time and attention. So, although SellerNAV® is a sophisticated analysis of sales performance of a sales team, it does not produce pages of reports and graphs of analysis. It produces maps instead.

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Want Greater Sales Visibility & Predictability?

Many sales mangers don’t have access to vital information regarding sales performance and potential. That effectively means they are driving in the dark and running the risk of an avoidable accident.  SellerNAV® provides managers with a deeper understanding of their sales performance.

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Want A Gap Analysis Of Sales?

Gap Analysis is a useful tool widely used in many professions, but less so in selling.  However, identifying and filling gaps in terms of sales; skills, process, strategy and systems is at the core of the job of the modern sales manager.  With that in mind this post provides some pointers on applying proven gap analysis methods to selling – something that SellerNAV® does very well.

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Are There Obstacles In Your Way?

Are there obstacles getting in the way of reaching your true sales potential? If the answer is probably ‘yes’ SellerNAV® will help pin-point and tackle them.

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Could You Sell More?

You think you could sell more.  Well,  you’re probably right.

SellerNAV™ will provide you with an objective, fact based assessment of your true sales potential.

It will show what is working and what is not in terms of your sales process, highlighting opportunities for improvement in terms of sales; skills, process and systems.  It will even calculate the impact on improvements in key areas on your sales number.

Typically SellerNAV™ identifies opportunities for improvement of between 7% and 12%.  It shows you how to sell more – setting out key priorities based on present sales approach and your own metrics..

SellerNAV™ will map how you sell today and suggest ways in which you could sell more. It will highlight areas that are holding you back and provide you with new sales tools to succeed.