Category: Coaching With SellerNAV

Where To Focus Your Coaching Efforts?

Coaching can deliver a big payback – one that SellerNAV® is aimed to support.  But where should managers focus their coaching efforts in order to reap the greatest reward.

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Is Sales Performance On The Agenda?

Is sales performance development discussed within your organization? If it is not, then you could be missing out on some important gains. SellerNAV® is designed to enable the debate around sales performance development among your team.

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Do You Have A Performance Culture?

Now that you have signed-up to SellerNAV® what else will be required to drive sales performance by your team?  Well, there is one pretty important thing – but you cannot buy it! But developing it is a part of the underlying SellerNAV® process.

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Sales Assessments: Looking Beyond The Symptoms?

Sales assessments are growing in popularity among sales managers.  However, not all assessment tools/platforms are the same.  Picking a tool that goes beyond describing the problem is important.  Beware the assessment tools must focus on the solution to the problem also.

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Are You Applying Performance Psychology?

Managing change is complex. However, our understanding of human behavior is deeper than at any other time, thanks to the growing body of cognitive and behavioral research.  SellerNAV® helps you apply the latest psychology to drive performance.

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Where Are You Navigating To?

If you are a typical sales person then there is a 62 probability your commissions will be below what you are expecting this year. That is a lose-lose situation for both you and your company. But more than that it is personal.

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Could You Sell More?

You think you could sell more.  Well,  you’re probably right.

SellerNAV™ will provide you with an objective, fact based assessment of your true sales potential.

It will show what is working and what is not in terms of your sales process, highlighting opportunities for improvement in terms of sales; skills, process and systems.  It will even calculate the impact on improvements in key areas on your sales number.

Typically SellerNAV™ identifies opportunities for improvement of between 7% and 12%.  It shows you how to sell more – setting out key priorities based on present sales approach and your own metrics..

SellerNAV™ will map how you sell today and suggest ways in which you could sell more. It will highlight areas that are holding you back and provide you with new sales tools to succeed.