Building A Map Based Community

[bold_text] Social Nav Functionality Within SellerNAV®[/bold_text]

The objective is to build a sales map based community, where people can benchmark with others and share their maps, as well as ideas and tips.

All SellerNAV users have one thing in common – a map showing opportunities and challenges in respect of meeting their target. That is powerful.
Want To Collaborate With Others On Your Map?

When you get your map share it with others. Start the discussion about what is working and what is not. Share perspectives. Most of all explore ways in which areas that are shown as bottlenecks or barriers can be addressed.

In future releases the process of collaboration on maps will be provided in ‘Facebook-like’ software that leverages the power of social comparison, bench-marking and peer learning. People can share ideas and tips based on their unique map based profile.

Collaboration among people who share the same challenges, including an ideas and tips exchange.

Users will be able to avail of support from people who are very good at the areas where they have a problem, to understand what that person is doing and they themselves can apply. This is the idea of ‘Map Buddy’.
Who Is It For?

The social map dimension is particularly important in respect of:

– Online map sales (map your
– Large corporate customers
– Associations and professional groups
– Professional networking sites

There is the opportunity to market the SellerNAV® product to Associations and other pre-built communities, that includes large franchise businesses who want to develop the sales process and skills of franchise holders.
What Are The Objectives?

1. Drive ongoing Map usage by adding the social dimension
2. Leverage the power of social comparison in getting people to take action based on their maps
3. Create a buzz around the maps
4. Create a knowledge community and build IP in the process
Other Features

The maps lend themselves to exciting possibilities around aspects of ‘gamification’ in respect of the maps and how used by the community, in particular how success is celebrated.

Building user developed content is a key objective – based on users sharing tips and advice, answering questions, participating in quick surveys, requesting tools, etc

The map-based community will be moderated by the ASG group, which will also provide buyer an seller expert resource to answer questions, promote debate on key topics
Development Path

The social map function will leverage existing open source and ‘license-able’ tools, and integrate with SellerNAV® and CMS user management. Therefore development work is limited. The work will focus on integration of a community platform to SellerNAV® and interplay with the maps.

Estimated 3 months development time to prototype, two months testing and refinement.

The function set for this module of SellerNAV has been based on products such as:
– Yammer
– Asana
– Catch and Evernote
– Buddypress
– Work
– Edmondo
– Facebook
– Basecamp
– Trelio
– Discus