Align With Buyers

[bold_text] Align With Buyers [/bold_text]

Traditional sales strategies and process are under threat from changes in modern buying.

Sales organizations must align how they sell with how their customers now buy.  If they don’t conversion rates and revenues will suffer.

SellerNAV® helps sales teams to align with the changing buying patterns of their customers, including:

– The increased sophistication of buyers
– The rise of the competitive tender
– The growing power of procurement
– The advent of increasingly bureaucratic buying processes and procedures.

SellerNAV® knows how your customers buy and the requirements of selling to them.  That is because it is based on industry leading research into the trends in corporate buying.  It uses this information to help sales teams to:

– Identify skills gaps in the face of selling to today’s more sophisticated buyers
– Bridge emerging gaps between sales process and buying process
– Understand and predict future changes in their customers’ buying behaviors
– Augment their existing sales methodologies.

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