Terms of Use

Terms of Use

SellerNAV™ and all its content, features and output is copyright of The ASG Group and cannot be reproduced in any format without written permission.

THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING SellerNAV™ or related tools and materials – hereinafter referred to as ‘SellerNAV™’.

You assume full responsibility for use of SellerNAV™. It’s creators or providers shall not be liable for, (i) your use and application of SellerNAV™ or related materials, (ii) its adequacy, accuracy, interpretation or usefulness, and (iii) the results or information developed from its use.

You waive any claim or rights of recourse on account of claims against the Stipulated Parties either in your own right, or on account of claims against the Stipulated Parties by third parties. You shall indemnify and hold the Stipulated Parties harmless against any claims, liabilities, demands or suits of third parties.

The foregoing waiver and indemnity shall apply to any claims, rights of recourse, liability, demand, or suit for personal injury, property damage, or any other damage, loss or liability, directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or in any way connected with the tools, or the use, application, adequacy, accuracy, interpretation, usefulness, or management of the tools, or the results or information developed from its use, and whether based on contract obligation, tort liability (including negligence) or otherwise.

In no event will the Stipulated Parties be liable for any lost profits or other consequential damages, or for any claim against you by a third party, even if one or more of the Stipulated Parties has been advised of the possibility of such damages.