Benefits & Features

SellerNAV™ – Helping You Sell More

SellerNAV™ is a cloud-based sales performance improvement toolkit that helps sellers to sell more.

  1. Analyze and benchmark how you sell across more than 100 key success factors linked to sales best practice and the behavours – strategies of top performing salespeople.
  2. See how you sell and how you could sell more – with your very own sales map showing the key steps, the potential hazards and key success factors.
  3. Identify those factors that limit your sales success, set goals for tackling them and see the impact on your sales target calculated instantly.
  4. Get the sales tools you need to tackle your key sales priorities – that is a personalized toolkit that will help you tackle the areas that you have selected as a priority.
  5. Track your progress overtime, developing your skills, accessing more sophisticated tools and techniques (including those based on the latest research with buyers) and completing the key tasks required.


Key Benefits & Features


[one_third]Check Your Sales Speed
Check Your Sales Speed

• Based on over 100 key success factors or best practice strategies & techniques
• Get a robust measure of the effectiveness of your sales process
• Identify the potential to accelerate your sales


[one_third]See How You Sell
See How You Sell

• Visualise how you sell – like never before
• Get your own personal sales map
• Zoom in and out to see your progress in terms of over 50 key sales steps
• Alerts highlight sales steps that are limiting your sales success
• Compare your map with others
• Use it to see the impact of others (e.g. marketing) on your sales success
• Print it off as a best practice guide


[one_third_last]Assess Sales Strengths & Weaknesses
Sales Strengths And Weaknesses

• Benchmark against your peers
• Identify your strengths
• Tackle your weakneses
• From generating leads to winning the sale
• See the impact on your sales target


[one_third]See The Route To Selling More
The Route To Selling More

• Turn barriers to sales into opportunities to sell more
• Prioritize the areas that are holding you back
• Set goals for improvement and see the impact on sales
• Get the tools you need to tackle the areas holding you


[one_third]Calculate The Impact Of Changes
Calculate The Impact Of Changes

• Get the motivation you need for change
• Focus on the areas with the greatest potential impact on sales
• Set goals for improving key steps of the sale
• See the impact on your target
• Calculated using your own sales metrics


[one_third_last]Get The Tools You Need
Get The Tools You Need

• Get only the tools and tips you need to achieve your particular goals
• Practical interactive step by step guides that includes checklists and prompts
• Take action straight away
• Based on sales best practice, as well as industry leading buyer research


[one_third]Tackle Risks To Meet Your Target
Tackle Risks To Meet Your Target

• What could prevent you hitting target?
• Alerts warn if sales activity is too low to meet target
• Focuses on your conversion rates for each stage of the sale


[one_third]Create Your Plan For Success
Create Your Plan For Success

• Clarify you goals
• Set your priorities
• Set tasks to achieve your goals
• Review your progress
• Collaborate with others involved


[one_third_last]Set Clear Sales Priorities
Set Clear Sales Priorities

• Select the areas you want to improve
• Set a % goal for improvement
• Calculate the likely impact on your sales
• Get the tools you need
• Set tasks for improvement