When To Use SellerNAV?

[bold_text] When To Use SellerNAV™? [/bold_text]
SellerNAV® is used by managers to maximise the success of key sales initiatives.

SellerNAV® has been used by sales teams to:

1. Support a new sales drive/strategy, completing the analysis of sales performance, and getting the buy-in from the sales team.

2. Plan efforts for the next quarter – including the priorities to be addressed, key sales metrics and goals in respect of conversion rates.

3. Audit sales force; skills, productivity and effectiveness including benchmarking against internal and external best practice.

4. Drive Sales process improvement projects – to tackle gaps or bottlenecks in the current sales process / strategy or skill-set.

5. Plan a Sales skills development initiative, identifying the key skills and behaviours that are required to meet target.

6. Talent manage key performers – including structuring quarterly / annual performance reviews and guiding ongoing coaching

7. Plan and drive adoption of a new / existing  sales system – defining requirements and building the business case)

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