Why Is SellerNAV Special?

[bold_text] Why Is SellerNAV™ Special?   [/bold_text]
SellerNAV® includes a number of features that makes it special.

Here are some of the ways in which SellerNAV® is different:

1. Accelerates the time to results by a factor of 3

SellerNAV™ accelerates the realization of performance gains by a factor of 3 compared to other approaches. It automates the process of data gathering and analysis, as well as much of the collaboration/consultation required to drive sales performance excellence.   

Because of its ease and speed of implementation SellerNAV® delivers quick wins – it does not require a major investment in IT, or change initiative.

2. A more holistic and strategic approach

SellerNAV® helps sales managers ensure the success of strategic sales performance initiatives by delivering results on 3 levels:

– Optimize Sales Process
– Coach Sales People
– Close key Sales Deals.

3. Sales process/methodology agnostic

Driving sales performance does not mean scrapping your sales process and replacing it with somebody else’s sales methodology. SellerNAV® is flexible to adapt to how your business sells, including differences across markets or divisions. It leverages your internal best practice, as well as external best practice within your industry.
By optimizing your existing sales process SellerNAV® removes the adoption hurdle associated with a new technology, a set of sales language or sales steps. That speeds the time required to impact on sales results.


4. Introducing the World’s first B2B sales maps

Navigate to the achievement of specific sales goals.  It is as simple as using a map – a sales map.

SellerNAV® maps how your organization sells against best practice for your industry, highlighting opportunities for improvement and calculating the potential impact on sales.

The maps are clever sales infographics that makes defining and communicating your sales process easy.  That means managers are freed from creating lengthy manuals or documentation that is not going to be read.

The maps created are interactive – simply click on the map to zoom in and out.

Designed for the B2B complex sale and including best practice benchmarking the sales maps can be tailored to specific industries and can be customized to reflect unique sales strategies / processes of your business.

5. Unique buyer insights

Optimizing sales process and performance requires aligning how your organization sells with how your customers buy and in particular with the new realities of modern buying.

SellerNAV® provides unique insights as to how your customers buy that can be leveraged to boost win rates.  It has been built based on industry-leading buyer research.

6. eLearning Resources

SellerNAV® employs latest eLearning technologies – personalized learning pathways, tailored to the unique sales process of your organization and the specific opportunities and challenges facing each sales person in reaching their quarterly or annual sales target.