The Sales Executive

SellerNAV™ helps the sales person in the following ways:

Provides a benchmark comparison against peers, identifies bottlenecks and gaps that are limiting sales performance, suggests new strategies/techniques that are working for others and calculates the potential to increases sales.

The salesperson gets to input his/her views and ideas and ensures that his/ her voice is heard.  Also lets him/her know what others on the team are thinking.

[pullquote_right]This is my view of performance, my personal objectives, my personal learning.  That makes it special.’
Salesperson User of SellerNAV™ [/pullquote_right]‘

Provides a view of sales process ‘in the round’ putting issues such as; gaps in terms of support to the salesperson, sales systems, etc. on the agenda.

Guides the salesperson on a continuous personal improvement pathway, including the development of specialised best practice skills.

Provides a range of powerful sales tools in areas ranging from pre-qualification to closing.

Improves communication/interaction between the manager and the salesperson, including clarity regarding expectations, reconciling different perspectives of what is happening on the ground and getting a consensus on what is working and what is not.