EVP of Sales

Many managers believe their sales teams could sell more.  SellerNAV® shows how this belief can be translated into reality.

An EVP of sales can instantly map how their organization sells against its competitors, identify gaps and how they can be tackled and calculate the impact on sales.

[pullquote_right] ‘It presents an end-to-end view of our sales process as it is and as it should be. That is exactly what we needed.’
EVP of Sales SellerNAV™ user[/pullquote_right]

The sales maps can then be used to systematically maximise your organization’s sales performance in three ways:

1. Optimize Sales Process
2. Coach Sales People
3. Close Complex Sales Deals

All this with a solution that is up and running in days and is easy to use.

Click here for a case study of the benefits as experienced by a regional sales director of a NASDAQ listed company.