What Is SellerNAV?

[bold_text] What Is SellerNAV™? [/bold_text]

Today’s sales managers and directors have access to a range of new technologies aimed at capturing sales performance gains. SellerNAV® is one of the most exciting of these tools. It enables managers to confidently set goals for additional sales performance gains of between 5% and 35%.

SellerNAV® helps sales managers and their organizations ensure the success of sales performance initiatives delivering results on 3 levels

1. Optimize Sales Process
2. Coach Sales People
3. Close Key Sales Deals.

Importantly SellerNAV® accelerates the realization of these gains by a factor of 3 compared to other approaches. Because of its ease and speed of implementation SellerNAV® delivers quick wins – it does not require a major investment in IT, or change initiative.