Case Study

[bold_text] Case Study [/bold_text]
A Regional Sales Director (NASDAQ listed company) responsible for annual sales of 10 billion, with a target to grow sales by 25% over 5 years is responsible for a team of 40 salespeople across 30 geographic markets.

SellerNAV provides a precise view of the end to end sales process, including where it is working and where it is not, with best practice benchmarking.

A Clear View…
The Sales Director can view confidence and skills for each team/market, as well as for individual salespeople across the different markets- as per the system screenshot below.  The complex sales performance data gathered is presented in easy to use sales map format, as shown in the following screen shot.The sales director can see a view of the confidence and skills for each team/market, as well as for individual salespeople. That enables the director to address the unique requirements of different markets/sales approaches, as well as to push for a more standardized approach consistent with internal and external best practice.

Widespread Consultation…
The entire sales team was consulted in the process, but with the data gathering, report preparation and consensus building steps automated.  The entire process was completed in less than three weeks – that is up to 6 times faster than the traditional approach.

A basis for action…
Using the analysis, the regional director:
– Got buy-in and support from senior management colleagues
– Got a consensus on priorities / changes by pooling views as to barriers and opportunities for sales improvement.
– Set goals in terms of the impact on sales of the changes made (using sales KPIs generated within the application).
– Targeted specific sales gaps – the barriers to increased sales success were highlighted at the level of the sales team overall, as well as individual teams and individual sales people.

A framework for coaching…
In addition to shaping strategy, sales managers at a country level have been provided with a framework for developing / coaching their team members. This has been used to agree individual action plans with each sales team member, setting out goals and objectives for the next 90 days.