Establishing Your Team’s Exact Sales Performance Position

To pin-point your exact physical position a SatNAV uses at least 4 satellites. The results are highly accurate co-ordinates and the ability to navigate confidently to your target destination. SellerNAV® applies the same principles to enable managers to get an exact position on their team and its sales performance. It shows if your team is on course to meet their revenue targets.


SellerNAV® gathers data from 4 different angles in order to pin-point your team’s exact sales position. One perspective is not enough.


SellerNAV® provides an accurate and comprehensive view of sales performance and potential by reference to:

1. The views of all members of the team on performance

2. The manager’s view of sales performance

3. Best practice and peer comparison

4. The latest research into trends in buying.

The data gathered enables managers to get an accurate fix on their sales’s team’s exact position – on it’s sales performance and potential.


The Team View Of Performance

SellerNAV® begins by capturing data from each member of the sales team using a sophisticated (but quick) online sales assessment. It captures almost 5,500 data points for a team of 50 salespeople.


The Manager’s View Of Performance

Once managers complete the SellerNAV® assessment there response is compared/contrasted with the responses from the team.  Slide5

Best Practice Bench-marking

How your organization sells is plotted against best practice based on over 1 million pages of research and the publication of 3 books. Peer comparison data also enables managers to see how they are positioned relative to peers and competitors.


Research With Buyers

The requirements of selling to today’s more sophisticated and demanding buyers places new requirements on sellers.


SellerNAV® leverages industry leading research with buyers to ensure the alignment of sales skills and techniques with the requirements of longer and more complex sales cycles. This is key to the alignment of sales process with the buying requirements of today. It takes into consideration the increased power of procurement, the rise in competitive tendering and other related trends in corporate buying.

Best Practice Bench-marking

From the 4 angles managers are presented with a single composite picture of sales performance and potential. In particular key sales opportunities and challenges are highlighted, SellerNAV® generates personalized sales maps, rather than lengthy reports. These pin-point hidden sales potential, skills gaps and risks to target.

SellerNAV the position of your sales team