Why Apple or Delta Airlines Wouldn’t Be Happy With Seller Satisfaction Ratings

Is 65% a good score for sales process or should it be higher?  Well let’s put it this way GM, Apple or Delta Airlines wouldn’t be happy with it – nor would their customers.

The level of satisfaction with sales process is below that of so many other areas.  That is clear from the graph.


A 65% satisfaction rating for Apple would be a major disappointment. The same is true for Samsung, Motorola or any other smartphone manufacturer.  That is because the average level of consumer satisfaction with smartphones is some 15 percentage points higher and these companies wouldn’t settle for average.

GM Audi or Chrysler wouldn’t be happy with a 65% score either  That is because the average car buyer registers 80% on the satisfaction scale.

Airlines such as Delta, South Western or British Airways also wouldn’t be happy with a 65% satisfaction rating.  Despite flight delays and lost luggage the average customer satisfaction with airlines is still 6% higher than that for the typical sales process. 

Looking beyond consumer goods to life satisfaction, a 65% score won’t get a country into the top 10 to 20 counties in which to live.  The global happiness survey puts average score of the Top 10 most happy countries at 75%.   That’s 10% above sales process satisfaction levels.

So the 65% rating given to sales process is significantly below that of so many other things – from cars to life!    So, isn’t it time you demanded more from your sales process?


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