Want To Stress Test Your Sales Process?

Your sales process should make your sales higher and your life easier. But that is not always the case. Even what starts off as a good sales process can begin to struggle over time. If your sales process is under-performing SellerNAV® can help.

Here is a test to see how well your sales process is serving you. It is a list of the tell-tale signs that a sales process is struggling:

  1. Win rates are falling
  2. Adherence to the process is patchy – everybody does their own things
  3. How your customers buy is changing with customers becoming more sophisticated and demanding
  4. Lead generation is underperforming and perhaps a contentious area in your business
  5. You are getting involved in the customer’s buying process later, often at the point of a competitive tender
  6. More shocks and surprises are evident in terms of deals being lost or stalled and it is becoming more difficult to forecast sales
  7. The interconnect between sales and marketing, as well as other areas such as account management is causing friction
  8. There is a growing demand for new levels of skills, or training, with managers and staff talking about new sakes books, methodologies, or programmes
  9. There is no clear view of the process for converting a lead to a sales order and thereafter into a repeat, or growing customer
  10. There are question marks about the extent to which how your organization sells reflects best practice.

Of the 10 factors listed above how many are present in your organization?  Calculate your score and then use the following as a guide:

6-10:  The gaps in terms of your sales process are likely to be limiting your sales success.  Addressing them is a priority.

4-6: Your sales process is coming under increased pressure and the cracks are beginning to emerge.  Taking action now can prevent the problem getting worse.

0-2:  Your sales process would appear to be performing well.  Just make sure that you are not being complacent and that others share your views of the sales process.

SellerNAV® can stress test your sales process and help you to identify ways to make it work harder.  Moreover it does it really fast, providing you with a map to increased sales success.

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