Are You Focusing On Sales Metrics?

Sales managers like to talk about numbers. They want to pull the calculator to really understand sales performance potential and bypass hours of talking around the issue.

The fact is what gets measured gets managed, so managers want to talk to their teams about the metrics in sales. That is those variables upon which they will be judged and rewarded. But there is one big problem – a lot of the time they don’t have them and cannot get them. They even have a job convincing others why they are important.

When managers ask about win rates, the number of sales meetings in the last quarter, the number of sales required next quarter they are often greeted with silence and a frown. When they ask about how these metrics vary across product lines, markets, or sales people the frown is even more intensive. Quite simply managers don’t have access to key information regarding the performance and potential of their sales teams.

SellerNAV® captures key sales metrics, such as meetings per month and conversion rates, and stress tests them against the target. It allows managers to compare and contrast different views across the team, highlighting where some people are getting it wrong. More important still it uses metrics data to show the impact of sales process and skills improvements at different stages of the sales process.

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