Want To Affect Change In Sales?

Your sales organization faces pressure to change, but transforming ideas and strategies into action can prove difficult. SellerNAV® helps sales organizations to embrace change.

Change is never easy, but affecting change within a sales organization can present particular challenges.  Here is one of the key reasons:

“High spirited, independent-minded thoroughbreds are often convinced of the rightness of their ways(1).”

That is simply the reality of how most sales people are.  However, despite this reality, most managers prefer to work with thoroughbreds, rather than ponies.  It may be a challenge, but the results are better!


Are Salespeople More Difficult To Manage?

We expect sales people to be able to exhibit confidence and determination even in the face of a daunting sales target. We don’t want them to be discouraged by the lost sale, or put off by talk of down-turns, or new competitors.  They have to believe that they can do it, that they are right and that they will succeed.

However the traits that we value in the salespeople when in pursuit of the next deal, can have a downside.  In particular they can make salespeople more difficult to manager – at least in a command and control environment.

How To Manage Salespeople?

The approach required in managing a group of high spirited, independent-minded salespeople is different to that required for shift workers on the factory floor, or administrative staff.

In particular telling salespeople what to do is simply not going to be enough.  They must be involved in defining the problem, or task and in co-creating the solution.  This approach is embedded into SellerNAV®.

They must be involved in defining the problem, or task and in co-creating the solution…

Helping Sellers To Take Stock

In a fast moving sales environment sticking with a previously successful strategy for too long is a recipe for disappointment.

In this respect, determination – a celebrated virtue in salespeople – can result in rigidity in the face of change.  It must be counter-balanced with creativity and innovation.

Those who are determined to stay the course, must be encouraged to review regularly the course they are on.   This is a key element of how SellerNAV® creates the impetus for change.

How SellerNAV Empowers Change

SellerNAV® engages each salesperson in the sales performance debate in a way that minimizes defensiveness and politics.  It  creates an awareness of the reality of where there are gaps, or bottlenecks in terms of sales process, systems or skills.  This is key to changing attitudes and behaviours.  It leverages peer comparison to challenge any insular views that may exist.

The process of implementing SellerNAV® employs the powerful change model based on best practice principles and the lastest behavioural psychology.  It engages your team in the process of identifying and driving forward on key changes.  It is a powerful way of getting ‘strong individuals’ working effectively as a team to remove obstacles to increased sales.

SellersNAV® shows people what they do well, but it also shows them any gaps.  It shows what they can achieve – in terms of additional sales and commissions – by tackling gaps, or making changes.  It presents them with choices, each of which has an associated quantified impact on sales.

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(1) Leadership Team Coaching: Developing Collective Transformational Leadership By Peter Hawkins

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