Want To Tackle Barriers To Sales?

SellerNAV® checks your sales process for obstacles to increased sales.  It will scientifically pinpoint areas that if improved could boost sales. That helps sales managers to push ahead with their change agenda, but it also often presents some surprises.

While sales managers and their teams may be aware of factors that impinge on their success, the SellerNav® review typically results in new revelations.  That is gaps in sales; skills, process, or systems of which the team was previously unaware.

Here is how one manager described the process:

‘It was like getting a CAT scan of your sales process that highlighted potential problem areas and blockages.   You may have a pain in your back, but the scan reveals that the problem is being caused by wear and tear on a specific disk. The results can  be surprising!’

Want Are The Obstacles You Face?

It is difficult for sales teams to be completely objective in terms of how they view their sales performance.   They need to be helped to view themselves in the context of their peers and best practice generally.  That is what SellerNAV® does.

SellerNAV® is based on extensive research into 50 of the most common impediments to increased sales success across a wide array of markets.

“…of course skills gaps are not the only factor that can impinge on sales success”.

These impediments are key gaps in terms of sales skills and behaviours in respect of different aspects of selling – from lead generation to closing.  But of course skills gaps are not the only factor that can impinge on sales success.  There are often sales process and sales systems dimensions too.

What Are The Risks To Target?

Key skills or other gaps are an opportunity to boost sales and SellerNAV® quantifies just how much they can boost sales by.  But they are also a risk to target.  If they are not addressed they could prevent you reaching the target next quarter.

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