Want To Extend The Life Of Your Sales Methodology?

After a number of decades in use any sales methodology is likely to be coming under pressure to adapt and to deliver results.

Yet a major overhaul or replacement project in respect of your sales methodology is out of the question.  It is simply too costly and slow.  Now SellerNAV® presents an alternative.

How Can You Optimize Your Sales Methodology?

Replacing your sales methodology would impact negatively on the results in the short term, while the longer term payback is uncertain.  But simply keeping the methodology and doing nothing may not be an option either.

Now there is an ideal compromise that allows managers to keep their methodology while at the same time optimizing in a manner than can deliver a tangible increase in sales.  It is enabled by SellerNAV®.

‘…extend the life of your existing methodology while addressing those areas that represent ‘pinch-points’

SellerNAV® allows you to extend the life of your existing methodology while addressing those areas that represent ‘pinch-points’.  Those are bottlenecks or gaps in terms of sales skills, behaviours, or systems that can deliver a quantifiable boost to sales.

How To Keep Your Methodology Up-to-date?

Many sales methodologies pre-date the emergence of social media and even the internet.  They also predate the biggest market downturn since the great depression of the 1920s and many key trends in selling, such as: sales enablement, sales effectiveness, sales productivity and sales force automation.

SellerNAV® is designed to extend the life of your existing sales methodology.  It will show you how it can be adapted to:

  • Embrace the latest sales techniques ranging from new approach to generating demand, the use of social media in selling, or the latest guidelines in prequalification, negotiation, or closing.  SellerNAV® will help you to scan your methodology for areas where new sales techniques and strategies can be added.
  • Get to grips with new market realities and in particular changes in terms of how your customers buy.  That includes the increased power of procurement, competitive tendering, supplier consolidation and a raft of other trends.   SellerNAV® will test the alignment of your sales methodology with the buying process of your customers.

Contact us to find out how SellerNAV® can be used to extend the life of your existing sales methodology or process.

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