Want More High Performers On Your Team?

The gap between the high performers and the rest of the sales team is the focus of growing attention within large organizations. That is because it could be the secret to a major boost in sales performance. Here we will examine the impact of creating more high-performers.

The Performance Gap

A recently published book by Nancy Martini presents the sales performance challenge in very start terms. It uses figures suggesting that 87% of sales revenue is typically derived from just 13% of the sales team.

the sales performance gap

Source: Scientific Selling, Nancy Martini, 2012

These figures could mean a gap of as much as $3.3 million between top performers and average performers in respect of a sales team of 20 with total sales of $10 million.

The Secret To Boosting Sales

Even if just one salesperson could be moved into the high-performing category that could (in the example shown above) potentially increase sales by as much as a third.

As any manager will tell you there are many reasons why salespeople under-perform. However there is a trend towards the increased use of assessment and performance management tools in sales to address the performance gap.

Sales Performance assessment tools, such as SellerNAV®, are used to:

– Pinpoint the barriers to performance for any particular sales rep

– Address skills gaps, as well as gaps in terms of system and process

– Identify the skills and behaviors of top performers that they can be mirrored by others.

Using solutions like SellerNav helps sales manager,  and individuals to understand how under-performing reps can be raised up into a higher performing category. Indeed it quantifies the impact of changes in sales behaviors and strategies on key sales metrics.

If you would like to find out how SellerNAV® can help you to create more high-performers on your team, please click here.