Is Sales Performance On The Agenda?

Is sales performance development discussed within your organization? If it is not, then you could be missing out on some important gains. SellerNAV® is designed to enable the debate around sales performance development among your team.

Here are some questions to help you assess the dialogue around sales performance in your organization:

Q. When was the last time there was a purposeful debate on sales performance within your organization?

Not just performance against target, but sales performance in all its dimensions. That includes; levels of activity and effectiveness, the quality of leads, the role of marketing, new ideas for campaigns, deal management and so on. Using SellerNAV™ will help you address the issue of sales performance in a holistic manner.

Q. Is the debate about the performance of the sales function a positive one?

It is essential that the sales performance debate stays positive, future-focused and free of politics. That means it cannot just focus on people. It must take a broader view of all those factors that impinge on performance, including:

– The underlying sales process
– The structures and systems to support sales
– The management of the sales function
– The strategy underpinning sales
– The interplay of sales and marketing alignment.

The debate around sales performance needs to be open and inclusive. However personalities and politics often get in the way. SellerNAV® enables the sales performance debate to take place in a safe environment and overcomes issues of defensiveness and politics.

Q. Does the debate take place out in the open?

Is the discussion around sales performance a mature one?  If the debate is not happening in the open and in a managed fashion then it is likely that it is happening behind closed doors where people end up talking behind each other’s backs. The implications include:

– Poor team spirit and motivation
– Internal politics
– A lack of co-ordination and integration
– Poor cooperation between sales and other functions
– Problem issues being left to fester
– New ideas and suggestions not being heard.

SellerNAV® brings the sales performance debate out into the open and focuses attention on the opportunities for improvement and the payback involved.

Q. Is the sales performance agenda clear?

There are often a diversity of views in respect of sales and the priorities for improvement:

– Is there a realistic view of sales performance?
– Are the gaps in terms of sales performance clear?
– Is there a bench-marking of sales performance with internal – external benchmarking?
– Is there a consensus where action is needed?
– Is there a vision for the future of the sales organization – an ideal to aim for?

SellerNAV® gets your team looking at sales in the same way, reconciles divergent views as to strengths and weaknesses within the sales organization and develops a consensus on priorities and strategies for action.

Q. Is there a forum for discussing sales performance?

What is needed is a forum for the discussion of sales performance where managers or team members can raise issues or explore ideas.  If it is left to chance, or to a five minute conversation at the end of a sales team meeting it is unlikely to happen.

SellerNAV® automates the process of regular reviews prompting quarterly reviews of sales performance that are required at a team and an individual manager.

Q. Is there a continuous improvement mindset in respect of the sales function and how it operates?

To bring this to life requires performance improvement goals and incentives linked to them. This is facilitated by SellerNAV® which enables managers to track progress and change over time.

If you would like to breath new life into the sales performance debate in your organization please contact us.