How To Avoid Missing Target?

There is a big club that you don’t want to be a part of – that is the masses of salespeople that are missing target.  Here we will explain how SellerNAV® can boost your confidence in ‘making your number’.

Is Missing Target The New Norm?

Missing target has become a global pandemic.  At this very moment there are up to 30 million salespeople below target. That accounts for approximately 3 out of 5 of the world’s B2B Salespeople and your sales team is not immune.

‘…there are up to 30 million salespeople below target’.

Missing target may be the new norm in the world of B2B sales, but it is not something to which sales teams are destined.

Organizations are not helpless in the face of the pressure on numbers and clearly general market conditions are not sufficient to explain why some are missing target and others are not.

De-Risk Your Sales Target

SellerNAV® is a sales tool that has been developed to help salespeople de-risk their target and boost their success.  Here is how it works:

– It assesses a seller’s sales target against a total of 51 risk factors

– It pin-points gaps in terms of sales; skills, systems and process that are limiting sales

– It highlights priorities for the salesperson and calculates how they can boost results

– It links a change in sales perosn behaviour to an impact on revenue.

SellerNAV® works at an individual, as well as a team level.  It takes into account the fact that the opportunities and challenges facing each salesperson, or sales team are different.

Because of its unique approach SellerNAV® can help you achieve results without lengthy meetings, expensive consultancy projects and with little, or no lost selling time.

Please contact us do explore how SellerNAV can boost your teams confidence in reaching target.