Can You Improve Hiring & Retention?

Improved talent management, hiring and retention could boost sales revenue by as much as 10%. That is according to a report by Accenture. Our clients have achieved anywhere from 7-12%. See how SellerNAV® can help you in this area?

The Potential Boost To Sales

Here is the potential for improved talent management, hiring and retention in your business:Improved sales talent manAagement

The Accenture report is called Connecting the Dots on Sales Performance, Leveraging the 2012 Sales Performance Optimization Study to Inform Sales Effectiveness Initiatives (Accenture CSO Insights 2012).

Making Sense Of The Figures

At first such figures are difficult to believe. Imagine an extra 10%, even in these slow growth times.  However, in the context of rates of sales force turnover, ramp-up times for new hire and other figures (shown below) they are no real surprise.

Managing sales force turnover



The infographic shows the cost of sales force turnover based on a 30% sales force turnover, salary cost of $60,000 and a cost per lost rep of 1.5 times salary. It is based on Aberdeen & Gartner Figures.

How SellerNAV® Can Help

SellerNAV® is designed to help managers tackle the issue of Salesforce turnover.  This is in line with industry research which shows the impact sales assessment tools can have:

assessments in sales

Behavioural assessments improve the performance of employees and organizations – that is backed up by independent results from Aberdeen Research.  Research emphasizes the importance of using a variety of assessments to drive better talent decisions at multiple points in the employee life-cycle, from hiring to succession   The report is called ‘Assessments 2011: Selecting and Developing For The Future’, Aberdeen Group May 2011.

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