How To Maximize Sales Team Performance?

As a sales manager you must drive performance at the level of the individual salesperson, as well as for the team overall.   SellerNAV® is designed to help.

Developing An Effective Sales Team

A high performing team can achieve great things:

’If you could get all the people in an organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition at any time’.

That is a quote from a manager in a popular book on team performance. But how to create such a team within sales is the question?

Well, research by another popular author Prof. Peter Hawkins has the answer. He suggests there are 5 steps to building a high performing team in sales, or in any other area:

1. Commissioning: The team needs a clear purpose and defined success criteria.

2. Clarifying:  The team must clarify its own mission including purpose, goals and objectives, roles and expectations and importantly a compelling vision for success.

3. Co-creating:  The team cannot simply be handed a strategy it must continually revise and review its approach.

4. Connecting:  Engaging with others (stakeholders, staff, etc.) and transforming relationships that drive performance.

5. Learning:  The team stands back and reflects on their own performance as the basis for continual improvement.


How SellerNAV® Helps Develop Sales Teams

SellerNAV® is a powerful tool in facilitating each of these 5 steps;

Commissioning – it helps teams to get clear on issues or performance and success

Clarifying – it helps teams to see their opportunities and challenges in a new way

Cocreating – it engages team members in co-creating a view of key sales priorities

Connecting – it facilitates more widespread collaboration on the issue of sales performance

Learning – it enables teams to see skills gaps/bottlenecks and how they can be addressed.

SellerNAV®’s power in harnessing a sales team’s potential is the ability to get all the members of a team looking at sales in the same way and creating a new debate around sales performance.

SellerNAV® fast-tracks the process of consensus building as to what is and is not working in sales, the priorities and so on. It does this in ‘safe manner’ where politics and defensiveness are minimized. That means your team can more speedily arrive at the point of action and more importantly to drive additional sales & revenue performance.

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