Do You Have A Performance Culture?

Now that you have signed-up to SellerNAV® what else will be required to drive sales performance by your team?  Well, there is one pretty important thing – but you cannot buy it! But developing it is a part of the underlying SellerNAV® process.

It is culture – that is a performance culture within your organization!  As the research on organizational performance shows, culture is a vital factor in the drive for performance improvement.

It is also a key factor to explain why some companies succeed in exploiting all of the hidden sales potential highlighted by SellerNAV® and why others don’t.

The Importance Of Culture

When it comes to driving performance software and systems are not enough – that you already know.  There has to be a culture of performance management – as you have no doubt experienced, that can be the tricky part.

The importance of culture is evidenced by Aberdeen’s latest report.  It shows that only 61% of leading companies have such a culture (“Culture, Collaboration and Coordination: Driving High Performance with EPM“).

What SellerNAV® Can and Can’t Do

Here is what SellerNAV® does and does not do.  It provides managers with a new perspective on the performance of your sales organization delivering:

– A 360 degree view of performance that begins a process of collaboration on the opportunities for change.

– Maps and reports that serve as a powerful tool to help drive performance in terms of people, process and systems.

– An estimate of the additional revenue that can be generated by making the required changes in process and behaviours.

What SellerNAV® cannot do however is change your culture.  Creating a performance culture is something that you are going to need to own with your team.

Do You Have A Performance Culture?

So how can you spot a high performance culture?  Well, here are some of the variables.

These things facilitate
a performance culture
These things hinder
a performance culture
Authentic leadershipGood communication

Collaborative culture


High levels of mutual respect

Willingness to innovate & take risks

High value placed on personal development

Learning culture

Openness & Trust

Willingness to make mistakes

Poor leadershipBlame culture

Back biting & Back stabbing

Lack of trust

High levels of uncertainty


Failure to follow through on commitments

Mandates from ‘on high’

Conservative or risk-averse culture

Unwillingness to admit mistakes

Why not use the table above to check your sales organization’s performance culture – tick the ones that apply.  If you are ticking many of the items in the Right Hand column then work is likely required to create a culture of performance.

The table is taken from Buyer-Seller Insights – a site that provides a window onto some of the research and science underpinning SellerNAV®.   You can find more detail here.

Understanding the culture of your organization will help you to better predict how fast you can exploit the hidden sales potential highlighted by SellerNAV™. To find out more contact us.