Interested In Performance Management?

Could it be that sales is twice as concerned with performance management as any other area of business?  Well, if the number of web pages devoted to a topic are a measure of interest then Sales Performance Management is far ahead of Enterprise Performance Management.  But what does it all mean to you?

Performance Management Takes Off!

As the graph below shows there are almost twice as many pages returned for a search on ‘Sales Performance Management’ as on ‘Enterprise Performance Management’.


The focus of analyst activity is a good indicator of the hot topics for business at any point in time. With new reports such as “Culture, Collaboration and Coordination: Driving High Performance with EPM” from Aberdeen Group it is clear that interest in EPM is growing. But it as a long way to go before it catches up with its big brother SPM.

Sales Performance Management

Sales managers live and die by their number and sales performance is tracked by the ultimate measure of performance – sales revenues. It could also be argued that the commission structure in sales means that there are few other areas of business where staff rewards are so closely linked to performance. But does that really mean that sales is fully on board when it comes to Performance Management?

Those who are suspicious, would suggest that much of the talk about performance management is driven by IT vendors who have new solutions to sell. That includes people like us who have a performance solution to sell.

We are realists, Technology by itself is not going to transform any sales organization, but it will certainly play an important role. Driving performance in sales or in any other area is going to be very difficult without using the latest technologies and science of people performance. If you would like to contact us to explore how SellerNAV™ can help you drive sales performance today, we would be happy to share our perspective.