Sales Assessments: Looking Beyond The Symptoms?

Sales assessments are growing in popularity among sales managers.  However, not all assessment tools/platforms are the same.  Picking a tool that goes beyond describing the problem is important.  Beware the assessment tools must focus on the solution to the problem also.

The variety of sales diagnostics and assessments on the market continues to grow. That is great – it provides sales managers with lots more choice. However, too many of the tools focus on problems and symptoms rather than solutions.

Think of it this way. You go to the doctor and describe a pain you are having, including where it is located, how intense it is, how long you have had it, and so on. The doctor puts you through extensive tests, but then simply confirms your problem back to you (maybe with a new one added in).  But there is no prescription, no pills or medicine recommended and that is it.

You wouldn’t be very impressed, would you?  Unfortunately that is what is happening when a lot of sales teams complete sales assessments and diagnostics.

 ‘…too many of the tools focus on problems and symptoms rather than solutions’.

Moving Beyond Talking About The Symptoms

The absence of a diagnosis of the challenges probably isn’t what is holding your sales team back from reaching new levels of performance by the way. The stumbling block is typically not a definition of the problem, but rather the identification of sales enhancing solutions to those problems.

What works best is not just a symptomatic diagnosis, so to speak. Besides you already know what the problem is. It is the solution that you are looking for and that should be the role of any best in class assessment tool.

Focusing Attention On What Needs To Be Done 

SellerNAV® diagnoses the underlying causes of the challenges faced by your sales team. It looks beyond symptoms to focus attention on what needs to be done.

It not only indicates if people are not having enough sales leads or meetings to meet their target, it will also tell you how people see conversion rates across the sales stages/process.

SellerNAV® goes further – it will tell you how many; leads, meetings, opportunities, orders and repeat deals are required to fill any particular sales gap.

However, it goes much deeper than that. It will pin-point the strategies that will deliver the results you need and will actually calculate the impact that specific improvements could have on your sales number.

‘…calculate the impact that specific improvements could have on your sales number’.

The recommendations are specific and are tailored to each team and each sales person who has completed SellerNAV™.

Opportunities That Are Personal

For one seller the problem may be around closing, with specific opportunities for improvement being identified as follows:
– Making a more informed decision as to if and when to write a proposal
– The process for proposal preparation and proposal quality
– How proposals that are submitted are followed-up.

For another seller the problem may be around how sales opportunities are managed and progressed, with  key areas of improvement such as:
– Understanding and mapping the customer’s buying process
– Analyzing needs, specifically uncovering the buyers underlying motivations or the ‘why? of the purchase decision
– Understanding and developing the business case for the solution
– Increasing the level of access to decision makers.

The Fastest Way To The Solution

SellerNAV™ is not only the fastest way to shed new light on old problems, it focuses attention on the solution to those problems. It enables sellers to set goals for improvement with their manager and provides the essential motivation for change – by calculating the impact of changes on sales and performance goals.

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