Where Are You Navigating To?

If you are a typical sales person then there is a 62 probability your commissions will be below what you are expecting this year. That is a lose-lose situation for both you and your company. But more than that it is personal.

The risk that you won’t be earning all the commissions that you deserve this year is very real. Your manager is focused on what the sales number means for the company, but for you there is an added more personal dimension. Recognizing this is vitally important in providing a tool (such as SellerNAV®) to help sellers maximize performance.

Navigating To ‘The Good Things’ In Life

For each and every salesperson there is a deeply personal motivation behind sales performance. Reaching your number is about balancing the responsibilities to your employers and to yourself and your family.

Your commission is the part of your income that pays for the good things in life. It pays for the so called ‘luxuries’, such as the family vacation or home improvement project, that are now a necessity of modern living. It is even important in comfortably meeting the monthly bills.

As sales people we are, to the outside world at least, a confident and optimistic bunch. Few of us start the year believing we will fall short in our number, however by year end that is the fate of 6 out of every 10 sellers (according to Aberdeen Group (1)). That means a lot of salespeople must sacrifice some of the luxuries they want, or need.

Navigating To The Lifestyle You Deserve

In aiming for your target, maybe you are navigating to Brazil for the world cup, a new car, or to paying the college fees of a son or daughter. SellerNAV® is designed to help you.  It is not just a tool for your organization to meet target, but for salespeople to get what they want.

Heightened awareness to the risks to achieving target can in itself be powerful. That is the first way in which SellerNAV® helps. It highlights the areas that could put your target at risk. It also shows the impact of improvements to your sales process could have on reaching your number.

What more motivation could you need – the ability to see the impact of what you do more or less of on your target – on your commissions and the things that they will allow you to have.

To find out more about how SellerNAV® can help your team achieve its organizational and personal goals http://sellernav.theasggroup.com/#contact-us.

(1) Aberdeen Group ‘Deploying Knowledge, Process & Technology To Consistently Hit Quota