Want Greater Sales Visibility & Predictability?

Many sales mangers don’t have access to vital information regarding sales performance and potential. That effectively means they are driving in the dark and running the risk of an avoidable accident.  SellerNAV® provides managers with a deeper understanding of their sales performance.

Managers Don’t Have All the Information they Need.

Imagine driving without a dashboard telling you the speed you were travelling at, whether you had enough petrol to get you to where you are going.

Imagine not having the instruments to tell you if the breaks, lights, oil levels, or any of the functions important to staying on the road needed attention. Well this is what many well respected sales managers are doing when they don’t have the information on the number of leads, meetings and sales cycles their team needs to work on at any one time.

This lack of metrics is having major implications on how effectively they can manage communications with their peers, their team, their executives and their customers.

Visibility, Predictability & Control of Sales

Sales forecast accuracy and sales reporting have long been a hot topic, and something that we are quite passionate about. We use the terms visibility, predictability and control because people can relate to them better.

SellerNAV® provides managers and their teams with improved visibility, predictability and control in respect of sales.

– Visibility of what is happening year to date (that is historical sales activity levels, sales revenue and margins).

– Predictability of what is going to happen to year end and thereafter (including booked and forecast sales, required activity levels and conversion rates).

– Control, that is the ability to impact on the level and effectiveness of sales activity, thereby immediately correcting any gaps and continually optimizing people and process performance.