Want To Position Yourself Among The Best?

Establish your position among the best in your industry.  SellerNAV® will help you benchmark yourself against the behaviours and strategies of the top performing salespeople.

You may be in the top quartile in terms of the management of sales opportunities, but in the mid-range in terms of sales leads. SellerNAV®’s detailed online analysis maps your sales approach across over 100 key success factors linked to sales best practice across each key stage of your sales process. It compares your approach with your peers and most interesting of all against the Top 15% of salespeople or global best practice.

The detailed analysis will show where you excel today, as well as where you should excel tomorrow. It will warn you about obstacles and show you where your peers are ‘stealing a march on you’.  It provides an new insight into your sales performance, as well as your true sales potential.