Looking For The Latest Sales Techniques?

Are there new sales strategies and approaches that you should be using? You’ll find them in SellerNAV™.

Our markets and customers have changed, changed greatly. That puts the old ways of selling under pressure to deliver.

Thankfully, new and more sophisticated approaches to sales and marketing are proving themselves to be effective in the face of more demanding customers. These techniques are now available to you without spending hours reading sales books, or attending sales seminars.

You don’t want a library of sales techniques to review.  You only want to know those that could help you sell more.  That is is based on the way you sell today and taking best practice into consideration.

Examples of some of the most popular tools include

– Pre-qualification checklists

– Meeting preparation checklists

– A list of the most common objections and how to handle them

– Guidelines for proposal, or pitch preparation

– Key account management templates.


SellerNAV™ helps salespeople to pin-point where tools are required and shows the impact that they could have on sales numbers.

SellerNAV™ provides you with the sales tools and techniques you need to address your particular sales goals, or challenges. That is an interactive ‘how to’ guide specifically tailored to your needs.