Are There Obstacles In Your Way?

Are there obstacles getting in the way of reaching your true sales potential? If the answer is probably ‘yes’ SellerNAV® will help pin-point and tackle them.

Most salespeople have not yet reached their full performance potential. After all there are customer that have not been sold to and deals that have not been won. But, there are also obstacles that need to be removed.

Here are some of the key sales process related obstacles that sellers point to:

– Poor quality leads from marketing

– Over dependence on cold calling

– Poor quality target lists

– Poor marketing materials

– Poor pre sales support from technical and other departments

Not surprisingly a lot of the obstacles highlighted refer to the the earlier stages of the process.

Some managers worry about bringing the obstacles to sales into the open.  They don’t want to hear salespeople’s excuses.  Yet it is essential to tackling the obstacles head-on and thereby turn them into opportunities.

SellerNAV™ will help you identify the aspects of your sales process that are slowing you down and will even calculate the impact on your sales target. Then it will guide you step-by-step to fixing them.