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Looking Ahead To Next Quarter’s Results?

What is coming down the road for next quarter, or next year? What level of sales are likely to be achieved? Those are difficult questions to answer.

SellerNAV™ provides you with sophisticated predictive sales analytics, it:

  • Allows you to look to the past to understand what has happened, but more importantly to look forward to understand and predict what is going to happen.
  • Provides you with powerful sales analytics to understanding past performance and predict future sales. It shows you the areas that are slowing down sales and helps you to calculate their impact on your sales targets.
  • Enables you to forecast the impact of changes to how you sell on the sales results you are likely to achieve.

That means you don’t need to look to the past to predict the future. Set the sales goals you want to achieve, see how they can be achieved and take the steps to get the results you want.

Looking For The Latest Sales Techniques?

Are there new sales strategies and approaches that you should be using? You’ll find them in SellerNAV™.

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Are There Obstacles In Your Way?

Are there obstacles getting in the way of reaching your true sales potential? If the answer is probably ‘yes’ SellerNAV® will help pin-point and tackle them.

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Could You Sell More?

You think you could sell more.  Well,  you’re probably right.

SellerNAV™ will provide you with an objective, fact based assessment of your true sales potential.

It will show what is working and what is not in terms of your sales process, highlighting opportunities for improvement in terms of sales; skills, process and systems.  It will even calculate the impact on improvements in key areas on your sales number.

Typically SellerNAV™ identifies opportunities for improvement of between 7% and 12%.  It shows you how to sell more – setting out key priorities based on present sales approach and your own metrics..

SellerNAV™ will map how you sell today and suggest ways in which you could sell more. It will highlight areas that are holding you back and provide you with new sales tools to succeed.

Want To Position Yourself Among The Best?

Establish your position among the best in your industry.  SellerNAV® will help you benchmark yourself against the behaviours and strategies of the top performing salespeople.

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Got The Tools & Support You Need?

Most salespeople could sell more if they had better sales tools. That includes software tools, such as CRM as well as the more straight-forward tools, such as:

– Pre-qualification checklists

– A list of the most common objections and how to handle them

– Guidelines for proposal, or pitch preparation

– Key account management templates.


SellerNAV™ helps salespeople to pin-point where tools are required and shows the impact that they could have on sales numbers.